edged in black

Please took a look. The micropoetry revolution has begun. Please feel free to join in

in 25 words more or less

Mark and I have been writing comment/ary po.ems based on comment threads created in response to a post. The latest series of was a thread of 33 comments which we have been mining from po.ems. For his project21words site, he created, Beware of Words – using only 20 of them. I have constructed a long piece, Conceit of Lies, posted elsewhere. Our lines overlapped but the voices remained distinct, the po.ems unique.

This snippet from the same conversation that fits on in 25 words more or less. My words are italicized.

More of Mark’s work can be found @ Coloring Outside the Lines and the afore mentioned project21words.

edvard-munch-1332621_960_720cast from lost dreams

     to awaken nightmarish

souls of the risen

     spirits of the dead

(image via pixabay.com)

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Published by: any1mark

I'm little pawn in giant cosmic game with no apparent rules. Ok I'm someone who travels, enjoying more out of way places. No trip is complete without a good bug or flower pic. Science, american history, nature and how things happen fascinate me

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