Hey Write Something!

Many thanks for everyone following here!

It’s time to share the fun.  I need guest posts.  

Everyone is invited not matter where you are or what you do.

 The only constraints here 21 words or fewer.  Or two images.

Combos of the two things are good as well.  Short and sweet/whatever else.

Poems are easiest.  Microfiction, haiku, Tanaka, random blackout…

Surprise me!

Email something to project21words@gmail.com

I return an invite.

You create what you wish and in words it will be waiting for review.

Images need to be sent via email with explanation of use.

I will post without editing.  Only thing maybe be an adult warning if it seems necessary to myself or yourself


9 thoughts on “Hey Write Something!”

      1. Never been to the Southwest or Saguaro country. Our cross country odyssey wove higher up — Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, N. Dak. (or whatever order going west to east). It was 1984 and we were in a 1964 Valiant. That overheated. Sorta forced our route — though did see Yellowstone and Yosemite.

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      2. Yep. four door. slept in the backseat more than once — lots of stories from that trip.
        Saw more hot pools than geysers. Didn’t see Old Faithful, for eg. but saw the Mud Pots.

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      3. Old faithful is nice but online I looks better. In real life you are surrounded by idiots with children. If you stand in the right place, you can watch those downwind get wet. Other geysers are more interesting and larger number but you spend all day getting to one when it erupts. Hot pools and mud pots are always cool


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