Stitch in Time – Photo Challenge 161

The world shrinks everyday

She tugs at the seams

Powerlines connect all

Bringing together everything

Called a pipe dream by some






13 thoughts on “Stitch in Time – Photo Challenge 161”

  1. Interesting take on the image — seams pulled, etc. The pipe dream is unsettling — seems out of the flow hence jars the senses to see the world in a skewed way. This is meant as a compliment.

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      1. They were maniac depressive before it was changed to bipolar and disassociative disorder was used. Yes super highs and lowest lows that hang around more than the highs


  2. I like this interpretation. As I get older, it does seem like the world is shrinking and I feel like I’m tugging at the seams! I wasn’t sure about the final line at first, a little off balance – but then that’s the sense of the poem!

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    1. The crazy part is the world shrinks. It’s a little crazy when you realize how much you have in common with tidal strangers. It does feel off balanced when you feel maybe everything isn’t as unique as it should be. And her hope of uniting the world probably goes unnoticed by who she unites. Just a thought. Thank you for the kind words.. 😀

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