The world takes too much. Spare words are everywhere. Not Here! 21 Words or less. 2 Pictures. Express yourself here!

Guest Writers needed. Send email to project21words@gmail.com with your email. I’ll send you a link. Double post if you wish on your site and this one. This is a collaborate site. I’m a passive administrator here. No editing will be done. Any material is posted as is. Please warn of anything that could be adult content or offensive. Restrictions are 21 words or less. Any form you desire. Any medium. 2 images. If you choose no words with images, that is your choice. Images will need to be emailed at above address (WordPress has rules, bastards… bitches… oh dear is there another gender bending term to place here?)

As I maintain another blog some of the content may appear on Coloring Outside the Lines, http://any1mark66.wordpress.com

Thank you for stopping by.

Some materials will also appear on Spillwords.com. They area great place to submit works that you feel are good enough to be published.


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