The Wedding

The cues are from #cyw*: burnt orange; daily post daily prompt: unseen

How she hoped to arrive unseen and unnoticed at her ex’s wedding in a burnt orange pant suit is a miracle.

© Lorraine

(My first post to project 21 words – thanks for the additional outlet, Mark!)

* colour your world


16 thoughts on “The Wedding”

  1. There’s sneaking under the radar, and then, there’s sneaking under the radar.

    Sheesh 😉

    And now, the Garth Brooks song is rattling around in my head …. Friends in Low Places ….


      1. LOL … well, it’s one of Garth Brook’s most popular songs, so you should be able to find it very easily on line ….

        as for being in low places? many layered … but I’m still laughing 😉


      1. Oh we have the master key! But since they aren’t really good at knowing what is written and we don’t give away coloring books any more… I’m thinking they send big envelopes so they can color and look busy


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